Living in a small town in Drenthe, the Netherlands. Currently I am working for one of the fastest growing companies in the foodsector and I am an outdoor photographer (landscape and nature). When I am not working in the foodsector you can find me somewhere in the woods behind my beloved camera; the Pentax K1-II, or just wandering and scouting the area for great photo opportunities for another time.

I love to explore new areas,
even if they are in my own local neighborhood.

In 2004, at the age of 14, I bought my first camera; a Sony Cybershot DSC-P73 (compact camera). After just two years I bought my first DSLR; the Pentax K100D. From that moment on I realised that the photography bug really grabbed ahold of me. Especially outdoor photography was the genre that appeals to me the most.

After finishing my degree in graphic design I stranded in a overcrowded profession, I guess I had 100+ job interviews accross the whole country. I had enough of it and began working for a large supermarket and pushed my passion of photography away.

Now after 7,5 years I have learned through the hard way that it is wrong not to follow your passion, during the Covid-19 crisis I got an burn-out and things had to change. Still love my job but in my freetime it is all about my camera and me.

Since 2019 I’m a member of VNF Drenthe.